Career Paths

Forward-thinking companies from a range of work sectors offer apprenticeships through the Career Accelerator Program (CAP). As part of the application process, you’ll have a chance to visit these companies to see various career possibilities firsthand. 

Each year, more companies in our area start new apprenticeship opportunities in order to fill gaps for skilled team members and to stay competitive in today’s economy. This continued growth in apprenticeship means the number of career pathways for students is expanding. 

Current CAP Career Pathways

The Career Accelerator Program (CAP) offers apprenticeships in a number of advanced manufacturing sectors, including automotive driveline products, specialty controls, packaging, plastics, technical fabrics, and more.  A few of the career areas you can pursue include:

  • Mechatronics – This growing field combines the expertise of both mechanical and electrical systems. Mechatronics technicians are able to diagnose, troubleshoot, and install all types of industrial equipment.
  • CNC Machining –  Computer Numerically Controlled machines have a high level of accuracy and efficiency, and are typically used to produce precise parts. CNC machinists work from blueprints or detailed drawings and utilize design and computer-aided-machining software.
  • Mechanical – The industrial equipment of today requires technicians who are skilled at mechanical, hydraulic, and pneumatic repairs; troubleshooting; and fabrication of components. 
  • Electrical – Learn to diagnose, repair and install electrical systems and electronic machines and industrial controls; including robotics, automation, and power distribution. Utilize precision diagnostic tools, computers, and programming skills.

Find Your Exciting Career

You can learn more about possible careers during the company tours interested students attend each fall and winter.