Is Apprenticeship Right for My Homeschooler?

As a homeschool parent, you want your teen to have a positive learning experience that prepares them to be future-ready — that’s why you took invested ownership of their high school experience. Now that you’re having conversations with them about what comes after graduation, you want your homeschooler to consider all of their options before deciding the best way forward. How can apprenticeship support their career goals and interests? 

A Distinctive Career Path 

Many homeschoolers benefit from a schedule that allows them to develop skills based on their natural gifts and interests. Apprenticeship can offer more active participation than a traditional 4-year college program. With it, your student will:

  • Earn a college degree with no debt 
  • Gain on-the-job experience in an advanced field of interest
  • Explore career goals and get the certifications needed to achieve them

Jumpstart Financial Stability

High school students are able to start the 4-year apprenticeship program the summer after their junior or senior year. Apprenticeships let students pursue a self-supporting and promising career path by allowing them to: 

  • Get hands-on training that will prepare them for career advancement
  • Develop valuable skills that support career goals

Discover more about how apprenticeship works. 

Personal and Professional Skills for Life

As a parent, you realize navigating adulthood isn’t just about knowledge, but it also includes personal skills. During an apprenticeship, students benefit from one-on-one mentorship with an experienced professional from a trending industry. The program is designed to help them learn:

  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Problem-solving
  • Responsibility
  • Leadership

What High School Parents are Saying About Apprenticeship

“Robotics has always been a passion for Gabriel. He was homeschooled and started the Career Accelerator Program when he was 16. Everything he was hoping for in the apprenticeship program happened for him. That first year, we saw tremendous growth academically and in his maturity, in the way he looked at the world and the people he worked with. That on-the-job experience is invaluable. We’ve been able to see him accomplish his dreams.”

Maria Redding

mother of Gabriel Redding, a graduate of Alamance Community College (December 2020) and a 2016 Cohort Apprentice at Glen Raven, Inc. 

Where will apprenticeship take your teen?

Watch this video and find out how other students are finding success with apprenticeship in Alamance County.

Put Them on the Path to a Promising Career

Download our Apprenticeship Brochure and talk with your teen about their career goals. Explore apprenticeship opportunities in a wide range of fields, from information technology and logistics, to robotics and advanced manufacturing.

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