Facility Tours & Applicaton

Facility Tours 2018-19

To be eligible to apply, you must attend at least one facility tour.

Tours were hosted from December 1, 2018 to February 9, 2019. We don’t have any other tours scheduled at this time.


Instructions for applying:

We are currently not accepting any applications.

  • Download the pdf application to your computer to type into the form. To download, click the small icon of a page with a down arrow. (If you have any difficulties, you can print, and write your answers on the application.)
  • Save, print and follow instructions at the bottom of the application
  • Submit with your most recent transcript available.

The Career Accelerator Program works closely with high schools in Alamance County to select juniors and seniors for an apprenticeship.

To be considered, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Minimum GPA 2.8
  • For home schooled students, community college placement test
  • Math 1, Math 2 & Math 3
  • Attendance (No more than 5 absences per year)
  • Commitment of parent/guardian and student

And have taken some (or all) of the recommended courses

  • Physics
  • Drafting or Engineering
  • Computers (Software, Multimedia, Webpage Design, Programming)
  • Hands-On Courses (Automotive, Electrical, Agricultural Mechanics, Carpentry, Machining, etc.)

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