What is my first step to becoming a CAP Apprentice?

CAP representatives hold informational sessions for interested students and parents in the fall at the local high schools. If you have already attended a session, you are well on your way. If you have not, CAP works very closely with the Career Development Coordinators at the high schools. Please talk with your CDC. The next step after learning about the CAP Apprenticeship requirements and time line (either at a session, or by talking to your CDC), you can sign up to attend Facility Tours at companies of your choosing. If you are still interested, apply to be a CAP Apprentice.

What is an apprentice?

An apprentice is a student, carefully selected by a company to embark on a four-year, in depth training program at the company’s facility, and in a classroom at Alamance Community College working towards a degree in Mechatronics. An apprenticeship combines on-the-job training with hands-on learning and lectures in a classroom. CAP apprenticeships are based on the best examples found in Europe, especially Austria, Germany and Switzerland, but also on successful models here in North Carolina such as NCTAP and Apprenticeship 2000. For students in their junior or senior year of high school, the CAP apprenticeship can provide a career path, education, training, work experience, and a job, all without college debt.

What is CAP – Career Accelerator Program?

CAP is a group of companies that have come together to address the need for skilled workers in their facilities by founding a formal, four-year apprenticeship program in Alamance County, NC. Partnering with the companies is the Alamance Community College, Alamance Burlington Schools and the Alamance County Area Chamber of Commerce.

What is the expected school work schedule?

If you are a senior in high school during your first-year as an apprentice, you will attend school for two classes, either morning or afternoon, going to the company to work and train before or after your high school classes. If you have already graduated, you will likely work Monday through Thursday at the company and attend classes on Friday at Alamance Community College.

Why are parents/guardians involved?

Apprenticeships require a significant commitment by the student, company, and parent to ensure success. Parent or guardian involvement is necessary to understand and help guide a teen with this major life decision.

Do I get paid to work in High School? At ACC?

You will get paid during your hours working at the company both during your high school year and after graduation from high school. After graduation, your time spent in classes at Alamance Community College will be considered paid hours on the job as well.

What skills will I learn?

Apprentices will receive training at Alamance Community College in the following areas: electrical, mechanical, computer technologies, physics, mathematics, automation and robotics, which are all part of the Associate in Applied Science Degree (AAS) in Mechatronics Engineering Technology you will earn. While at work you will receive further training specific to your employer’s needs, which may include certification in these skills and others.

Who is my guidance person during this process?

The best contact is the Career Development Coordinator at your high school. They are the main information source through which apprenticeship program details are shared and disseminated to students.

Can the student pick the company?

After the Open House tours, students can begin to determine which company they would prefer. At the same time, company representatives will be evaluating students, and observing them at the orientations held in April. Company representatives will have their own list of students they would prefer to come train with them. A matching process ensues to put students and companies together.

Is drug testing required?


If I hear through other apprentices about a company that I think fits my skill set better, can I switch to that company?

No. Once you commit to a company, that is where you will spend your time training.

How much will I get paid?

Apprentices are paid a competitive hourly wage which increases annually during the four-year apprenticeship. Each company will have varied benefits and/or bonuses available to their students.

What happens if my GPA drops below the minimum requirements after I have been in the program for 1 to 2 years?

Grades, job performance, attitude, attendance and attentiveness to training will all be monitored during your time as an apprentice. Low grades, poor classroom or work performance, etc. are all reasons for your sponsoring Company to reevaluate the apprenticeship agreement. Companies will deal with this issue on a case by case basis.